CINEMA ONE ORIGINALS 2019: Three films we are excited to see

Fact. Cinema One Originals is still the best local grant-giving festival in the country.  And we may have lost our faith in some, DLIST.PH will definitely support and fill the ticket booth with this Ronald Arguelles-run film event.
There are eight films screening and competing  in selected cinemas as part of Cinema One Originals festival this year, which are scheduled from November 7 until November 17. And there are three exceedingly exciting films we are surely going to see.
The films will be shown at TriNoma, Glorietta, Gateway, Ayala Manila Bay, and Power Plant Makati. There will also be screenings at Vista Cinemas in Iloilo, Evia Lifestyle, Cinema Centenario, Cinema '76, Black Maria, UP Cine Adarna and FDCP Cinematheque Manila.

"Sila Sila"

Starring theater divos Gio Gahol and Topher Fabregas, and directed by awardwinning indie filmmaker Gian Carlo Abraham, this film seemingly promises more in-depth reflections on the LGBTQ narrative.  Abrahan’s earnestness on the subject has already been clued in by his debut feature with the characters of Sandino Martin and Martin Del Rosario in Dagitab. While it appears that Abrahan is more dexterous as a screenwriter, his visual flairs are very promising and fills the screen with succulent exuberance.
This movie is about the reunion of not just two friends, at least based on the synopsis, but more of a reconnection of one central character to other characters of his past. It sounds very prosaic and simple, but knowing Abrahan, this will surely speak more than what the few words presently available to describe.  


We haven’t heard much about filmmaker Dustin Celestino but we sure heard so many things about its producer Shandii Bacolod, so we definitely are in the lookout for this film. Being bannered by one of our favorite actors – THE  Joem Bascon. This film also stars the very sophisticated and screen magnet Enzo Pineda, and now-becoming indie regular Arron Villaflor. Karen Toyoshima, the female lead, looks fierce and divine!
This movie is about a young videographer, a newbie police officer, and an undercover agent who all meet in the dark underworld of crime-infested society.  Very European, huh!

"Yours Truly, Shirley"

This movie stars the freakin Regine Velasquez, enough said. But we are currently losing sleep until we feast our eyes in awe with this comeback movie of the Asia’s Songbird, or goddess, or superstar. It also sytars Rayt Carreon and the eternally funny Dennis Padilla (AKA Mr Baldivia) Filmmaker Nigel Santos is a female, and based on the BTS clips we’ve seen so far, she seems like a dynamite director in the making.
This is the story of Shirley who is obsessed about the idea that a certain popstar is the reincarnation of her departed husband. It surely is not another Bona narrative, but we are very curious to know how Regine will be able to pull off such a comedic mission.

With this year's "I Am Original" tagline, we can only hope all the films competing at COO stayed true to its vision.
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