Dr. Carl E. Balita Calls Independent Producers for a Summit

This year, Dr. Carl E. Balita Productions strengthens his advocacy of promoting Philippine Cinema, extending his support to local independent filmmakers through the INDEPENDENT FILM PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES. Dr. Carl E. Balita believes in the film form as a way of “immortalizing stories, a testament and a validation of the stories of people” much like the 2017 film by the CBP, MAESTRA (Directed by Lemuel Lorca) which is about three stories of teachers. Dr. Balita asserts the importance of films and their capacity to combine “entertainment and education” through his own new microcinema – The CBRC Dream Theater.

“It is the Age of the Microcinema, the Millennials and the Independent Films.”

Dr. Balita stresses the problems being faced by the industry’s lack of access to theaters and cinemas. Many times over, films lose their reach when they’re easily pulled out from commercial cinemas and wasted when they are shelved for a long period of time. Dr. Balita, through the Dr. Carl Balita Productions (or CBP), posits a solution through his own entrepreneurial achievements of the Carl E. Balita Review Center (CBRC) facilities, marketing and networks. 

The CBRC Dream Theater, formally opened on June 22, is the latest contribution to this solution. A 250-seater “medium” microcinema (the biggest so far in Manila), it boasts a 5000-lumens projector and a 5.1 Digital Surround Sound which impressed ANG LARAWAN star and producer Ms. Celeste Legaspi who claims she heard the secret geckos in particular scenes during the film’s Dream Theater screening. But a special distinction of the CBRC Dream Theater is its eco-friendly chairs - manufactured in Valenzuela City, these chairs are made of “jeepney loads of pet bottles”. Since its opening, the CBRC Dream Theater has hosted screenings of ANG LARAWAN and MAESTRA and also a special Pride Month Screening of Joselito Altarejos’ KASAL, Alvin Yapan’s ANG SAYAW NG DALAWANG KALIWANG PAA and Charliebebs Gohetia’s I LOVE YOU THANK YOU. Future screenings include 100 titles from Cinema One Originals.

Dr. Balita has also embarked in creating cinemas in 100 branches of CBRC, and is even interested in building an “outdoor theater” in far flung areas of Surigao, Vigan, Calapan and Kabankalan. He is also keen on building a cinema at CBRC Cebu, recognizing the strength of Cebuano films that are rarely screened in Manila. These cinemas will also work as stageplay venues especially for future theater caravans around the CBRC branches.

Along with more than 100 branches, a market of 40,000 CBRC students and reviewees stand as initial potential audiences. The CBRC Dream Theater alone caters to the U-Belt students since it is the nearest microcinema to UST, FEU, PUP, etc. But among CBRC students alone, Dr. Balita emphasizes that the potential market are teachers – influencers who often require films and plays to the bigger market of millennial and Gen Z students.

“40,000 students ang kakampi natin”

Dr. Carl E. Balita, backed by reliable facilities, a strong market and an effective network, is spearheading the creation of an organization called INDEPENDENT FILM PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES, composed of the best independent producers who will showcase a “local, indigenous and independent cinema”. With these strong features of the Dr. Carl Balita Productions, Dr. Balita is keen and passionate in standing as a distributing platform for local films. To formally launch this special organization for the art of cinema, Dr. Balita invites all independent producers to a PRODUCERS’ SUMMIT this coming July 2018 for a dialogue on films, cinema and distribution. “It will be exploratory” he notes, ready for filmmakers to join in his vision of a cinema that is safe in the Dr. Carl E. Balita Review Center.

For inquiries about Dr. Carl Balita Productions, please contact Jerrick Josue David of CBP @ 09454922869.


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