CBRC Dream Theater opens June 22 with Ang Larawan

There is a rise in the number of local (independent) films produced in the past years. Several film enthusiasts, scholars, and critics alike seem to think that we are witnessing another golden age in Philippine cinema history. 2017 alone produced a number of remarkable films that writer Ricky Lee and critic Joel David consider it as “golden harvest of cinematic gems.” 

Film distribution though remains to be one of the biggest challenges independent filmmakers face until today. There may be a number of cinemas in the country yet they seem to be limited to blockbuster and mainstream film outputs. More often than not, independent films go unnoticed after their festival run even if they win countless awards locally and internationally. The audience is then left to wonder where to catch these films especially that video releases are hard to come by these days. Thus, the need for microcinema arises.

The availability of microcinemas around the metro is such a blessing to both filmmakers and film enthusiasts. A new lease on life is given to independent films. The viewing public is given access to locally-produced indie films. Something that the industry has long sought for. 

In this regard, Dr. Carl Balita Productions proudly presents “The Dream Theater,” a microcinema in the heart of Manila where the likes of grand theaters like Vista, Odeon, Remar, Avenida amongst others once ruled. Designed to cater audience from the University Belt area and nearby places, it is located in Espana, Manila. Fully air-conditioned with a 4k projection unit and 5.1 Surround Sound Stereo, it houses 200-250 seats, the “biggest” microcinema in the country today that will sell tickets at 150 pesos.

This June 22, 2018, The Dream Theater opens its door to audiences with Loy Arcenas’ musical blockbuster Ang Larawan. Topbilled by Joanna Ampil, Rachel Alejandro and Paulo Avelino with a talented ensemble of actors from both film and the theater, Ang Larawan is a thought-provoking crowd-pleaser that won several awards in the recent Metro Manila Film Festival including Best Picture and Best Actress (for Broadway actress Joanna Ampil) and received multiple nominations in different award-giving bodies. Based on the musicale that was adapted from Nick Joaquin’s Palanca Award-winning three-act play “Portrait of the Artist as a Filipino,” Ang Larawan questions certain notions in culture and the arts as newer, more modern forms come to take over. It is fitting that it will be screened in a new space that sheds light on the importance of cinema as an art – The Dream Theater.

Moreover, the aim of Carl E. Balita, President/CEO, an educator and film/art enthusiast, is to not only provide a venue for filmmakers to showcase their works but also to support theater artists thus extending The Dream Theater for rehearsals and theater performances. He also wishes to discover untapped talents and hone their skills for growth and development. The Dream Theater will soon be home to original plays and theater thespians. 

Please join us as we celebrate with pride the opening of The Dream Theater with Ang Larawan on June 22! As a tribute to our blossoming film industry, The Dream Theater is not only a way to celebrate our local arts and culture but it also provides an avenue to educate our students of the true value of the arts and the artists.

The screening is open to the public. Ticket price is PhP150.00. The Dream Theater is located at the 3F Carmen Bldg. 881 G. Tolentino St., España, Manila. For inquiries, please contact Jerrick David at 09454922869.

Written by: Jerrick David, Dando Perez, and Gio Potes

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