#KwentongJollibee2018 Viral Hits show every generation valuable lessons about love

In an exclusive screening and meet and greet with the entire cast and directors at the Ayala Mall the 30th earlier this week, we got a closer and more meaningful look at the love stories that inspired this year’s batch of #KwentongJollibee2018 Valentine videos. More than just a loveteam induced kilig, Jollibee's viral hits for the Valentine Season are able to impart valuable lessons through beautifully told stories anchored on powerful truths about love.

“Homecoming” tells the story of Gilbert and Ruth, and proves how never giving up can lead to a lifetime of bliss and love. In a way, it teaches us about going for the kind of love that reciprocates, appreciates, and most importantly,  the one that is able to stand by us through the years. 

“Signs” explores the life of Star, a hopeless romantic who believes that signs will help find her true love. It is a sweet reminder especially to youngsters that love doesn't always come in the package that we dream or wish for. Sometimes, it could be that person that we least expect and the one whom we pay the least attention to. 

“Status” follows Kat and her journey to realization that the true love she has been looking for has been with her all along. This is the most mature and arguably the one that imparts the most important lesson. In a time of fleeting relationships and people always obsessing about having someone in their lives, we often fail to realize that we have people around us who love us unconditionally, the same people who value us and show us everyday the kind of love that we deserve. 

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