Watch Films For Free: Viddsee Juree Awards Top Ten Finalists

Viddsee is a Singapore-based online video entertainment platform specializing in the curation, production, distribution and marketing of short premium content since 2013. For this year, Vidsee Juree Philippines will be having a short film competition among works of young filmmakers in the country. These young hopefuls are also students of the University of the Philippines, Far Eastern University, Mint, College of St Benilde, Letran, and International Academy of Film and Television.

One of the finalists is somewhat a veteran in short filmmaking, Cebuana filmmaker Chloe Veloso, who is currently finishing her masters in cinema studies in University of San Carlos, Veloso’s  Mother Of Perpetual Help took its inspiration from Cebu’s annual Sinulog  festival. She created a tale of a hard-up family as a sort of metaphor for the Holy Eucharist. Watch HERE

Christian Candelaria’s In His Island could be quite the end of our long search for a queer feature that evenly discusses the plight of LGBT poors. His short feature also backgrounds the tragic oil spill accident that happened in a small fishing island.  Candelaria is a cum laude graduate of UP Film Institute and a proud recipient of Best Thesis. Watch HERE

Filipino-Canadian Christian Lat’s Redlights is an East meets West tale that primarily focuses on cultural differences that supposedly will be showcased while set inside a moving taxicab.  Lat became of the youngest mentors at  International Academy of Film and Television, and has been consistently rewarded prizes for his shorts here and abroad. Watch HERE

Tuguegarao-born UP film student Glenn Barit’s Maybe Aliens is said to be based on an experience close to him, and reflects his thoughts about the diaspora of Filipino migrant workers. Barit says he was inspired by Michel Gondry when it comes to handling cinematic forms. Watch HERE

FEU pride Josel Fajardo is a feminist filmmaker-in training who said that he has reservation with the use of the “male gaze” in cinematographic forms.  Indeed, Fajardo’s Caterwaul is inspired by an urban story about an abducted girl who returned after a couple of days. Watch HERE

Marvin Cabangunay & Jaynus Olaivar’s Nakauwi Na, taken from the title, could be juiced out of the current urban scare that haunts teenagers – going down in an alley after being shot by anonymous riders who are out on War on Drugs mission.  Nakauwi Na focuses on a father who needs to earn enough money to retrieve his son’s body in a local morgue. His son is supposedly a victim of extra judicial killing.  Cabangunay and Olaivar are from Letran College Manila. Watch HERE

Nathan Bringuer’s Slingshot is about bullying but instead focuses on a very interesting thesis statement, ““Don’t just stand there, do something about it because you can!” Bringuer related that his  experience in shooting the film was very humbling and at the same time fulfilling. Watch HERE

Rogin Losa of Lovely Is Off Air says he writes like Vonnegut, watches films like Tarantino, and laughs hysterically at local TV like Aling Nena down the street.  And perhaps to reflect that pronouncement, Losa’s short feature puts the spotlight in the old source of mass entertainment  – the radio; while profoundly examining his personal ideation on “post-gradute” depressions. Watch HERE

Benildean Tashana Rivera’s Companion goes millennial by talking about herself and the people of her age. This is Rivera’s final project requirement to complete her course. Watch HERE

Another film bunch from FEU are Zheina David (Producer) & Ralph Quincena (director) who take an interesting film journey in Look Through. Their short feature is about a popular urban legend in campus and somewhat gleans on the issues surrounding teenage pregnancy. If their film is about a famed  mentor who leapt through a building to her death is something we will see. Watch HERE

Viddsee Juree Awards will be announced on Saturday, November 25, at the FDCP Cinematheque Centre Manila. There will also be a series of workshops, forums and short film screenings at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde on November 24, and at the Manila Cinematheque between the 24th and 26th of this month. All screenings are free to the viewing public.

Viewers can see these films and other films for free on Viddsee.com. For more information on these events and the shortlisted films visit https://www.viddsee.com/juree/philippines2017

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