Sharon Cuneta stars with Robin Padilla, JoshLia for comeback mainstream film - Unexpectedly Yours

Sharon Cuneta movies and songs have always been a reflection of her life. If you follow her social media account, you would not be surprised at its parallelism to her films of late that have a recurring theme of a woman weathering her personal storms and finding a reason to live again. This was explored on Cinemalaya's Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha that effectively showcased Cuneta's acting prowess and again on her return to mainstream cinema on Star Cinema's Unexpectedly Yours.

And while the extent of Sharon's personal ups and downs or at least her social media postings may be subject for management, the undeniable talent that earned her the rank of a Megastar is alive and well. 

On Unexpectedly Yours, Cuneta stars with Robin Padilla and today's most talented love-team in terms of acting - Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto. The effortless romantic-comedy feels that emanated from the trailer is thanks mostly to Padilla who seems to have toned down his natural albeit annoying self for the film. Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, I think it is fair to expect some level of drama that would showcase the acting chops of the leads. Given the cast, I think we can expect a lot. Unexpectedly Yours opens November 29th in cinemas.

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