Get the new iPhone X with no cash-out, no credit card only from SMART

The new iPhone X is a great phone worthy of its hefty price tag according to almost all of the tech reviews BUT it costs an arm and a leg... plus a kidney. So how can we - normal working Juans afford one without giving up an internal organ? SMART got us covered with these affordable (you read that right) and value-driven plans that you can simply charge to your monthly bill ergo no credit card needed. 

Option 1. You can get it via the HERO OFFER P3,199/monthly plan which includes the plan cost (P1,499) plus the installment cost of the device (P1,700 device fee). This comes with 9GB data + 1 FREE app monthly, unlimited texts to all networks, 60 mins. calls to all network, and FREE 1 month Gadget Shield or insurance against accidental damage or theft. 

Option 2. If you need more data, go for the P3,499/monthly plan that has a lower device cost (Php1,400 device fee) and bigger data allocation coming from Plan 1999. This comes with 12 GB data, unlimited texts to all networks, 70 minutes of calls to all networks, and free access to the app of your choice every month, plus 1 month Gadget Shield. 

Just go to this link to pre-order; the #SmartiPhoneX will be available on December 1st! Approved pre-orders will get a FREE Belkin Wireless Charger and up to 15% discount on select iPhone X accessories at Power Mac.

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