Siguradong #GumagandaAngAraw with SUN's newest and widest LTE network

SUN, the brand that was made famous by its budget-friendly offers has been quietly working on getting its service to be at par with the country's mobile giants. Today, along with the launch of its newest Ambassadors - soap opera sensation Maja Salvador, actor/athele/singer Matteo Guidicelli, and one of local showbiz' living pillars, Vic Sotto, the network announced its switch from 3G to SUN’s newest and widest LTE network that allows subscribers to stay online 24/7 and enjoy activities like surfing, downloading files, streaming music and videos, and mobile gaming in blazing speeds and affordable prices.

Each of these ambassadors embody the new and stronger SUN. Maja for her feisty competitiveness as shown in her TV persona Ivy Aguas, Matteo's versatility, and Vic Sotto's practicality and dependable longevity that has supported a career that has spanned decades. 

Siguradong #GumagandaAngAraw with Sun as they empower subscribers to unlock greater value by providing a FREE swap of any existing 3G sim for a new LTE-ready sim! New subscribers, on the other hand, can get the Sun LTE-ready sim for only P35 at any Sun Shop nationwide. Note than in order to have make use of the improved LTE connection, you have to have an LTE sim and an LTE capable phone. Check out SUN's Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram for more details.

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