Best seen in IMAX, Thor: Ragnarok is the best Thor movie to date

Even at a time when we seem to be saturated by both DC and Marvel multiverses on television and the big screen, we still can't get enough of superhero movies! This is mainly because they just keep making them better and better whether they go dark and serious like in Wolverine or they take the opposite route and go juvenile like in Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Thor is one of those films that has evolved with every new addition to its franchise. Thor: Ragnarok, which opens on October 25th in PH cinemas, is the undisputed best Thor movie to date and one of Marvel's funniest. Traversing four worlds, gladiator fights, and the destruction of Asgard, it offers captivating visuals that will leave you at the edge of your seat especially when you experience the full glory of the movie in IMAX. 

Here are five reasons why you should catch it in IMAX too:

1. IMAX exclusively features 26% more of the action than a the regular screen

With select scenes shot exclusively using an IMAX camera, the theatre has a special format that features a 1.9:1 ratio, meaning you will get to see 26 percent more of the scene than what you’ll see in a regular cinema. We all know how Marvel loves to hide Easter eggs in all their films; that 26 percent can play a crucial role in the entire story of the Marvel universe. If you’re a Marvel fan, you can’t miss out on this.

2. Asgard comes to life through IMAX’s vivid colors

If you’ve ever seen the imagery of Doctor Strange or the first instalment of Thor in IMAX, you’ll easily conclude that color plays a huge role in the movie. Through psychedelic trips in and out of different universes, there is no better way to watch Thor: Ragnarok than with IMAX’s digital enhancement process which delivers 60% more brightness and 40% greater contrast than what you’ll find anywhere else.

3. Imagine the Hulk on IMAX’s giant screen

IMAX has a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, curved screen that fills even your peripheral vision with increased viewing angles up to an average of 70 degrees. Can you just imagine the epic gladiator scene between Thor and the Hulk on its enormous display?

4. Hear the sonic boom of the Mjolnir with IMAX’s earth shattering sound

With a customized sound system that distributes sound throughout the theatre, you can hear the krak-a-thoom of the Mjolnir to the slightest pin drop and be able to tell exactly where it fell. 

5. IMAX’s 3D is out-of-this world

IMAX’s 3D projector delivers unsurpassed brightness and clarity. Coupled with the screen’s increased field of view, the results are images that jump off the screen and land right in your lap. Slide through time and space and live like a superhero in your most immersive experience yet.

Step into the movieverse and catch the god of thunder wtih the biggest movie screen in town. Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok hits IMAX theatres and SM Cinema branches nationwide on October 25. For tickets, log on to www.smcinema.com or follow @SM_Cinema on Instagram and /SMCinema on facebook for more details.

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