Will champion swimmer Jush Rosales win the crown in the "2017 Gentlemen of The Philippines" search

Meet Jush Reinan Rosales, a swimming champ from Mulanay Quezon. Towering at 6-feet tall, this 19 year-old is a crowd favorite to win in the upcoming 2017 Gentlemen of The Philippines pageant that will culminate on September 9th at the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Rembrandt in Quezon City.

Inspired by the support he is getting from his peers, family and girlfriend, Jush aspires to surpass all the challenges in this competition and bag an international title for the Philippines. He advocates for living a healthy lifestyle being into sports even at a young age. He considers swimming as his craft, as well as, basketball and working out at the gym.

A pro at modeling and in the runway, Jush is the top choice among designers in Quezon. Through this pageant, he hopes to be able to showcase what he can do on the national stage and inspire his numerous supporters who made the effort to put up banners all over his province.

You too can take part in the action by voting for Jush in the Gentlemen of the Philippines People's Choice poll! All you need to do is 1. Like the Facebook Page of Gentlemen and Sash Factor by clicking here, then 2. Like/share Jush's photo on this link.

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