Miss Universe 2016 Results and Highlights

DLIST.PH goes live today at 7am onwards tofor the Miss Universe 2016-2017 pageant in Manila, Philippines. We will be discussing all the sidelights and highlights including the traditional color commentaries, trivia, analysis, and other exclusive bits.

7:01 am - You can watch the show on smart.com.ph/life on your device wherever you are, most especially if you can't be in the house, or currently going mobile.

Less than an hour to go before the live show starts. By this time, the girls are already on their last minute preparations: including hair touch-ups, and makeup checks.

Miss Philippines, Maxine Medina - 1 hour and 22 minutes before the pageant. Photo credits to PDI and Live Smart

7:10 am - Pawee Ventura, a pageant expert from Missosology.Com tapped Miss Brazil as the top contender. In the 1994 Manila hosting, last minute forecasts (and astrologists) hailed Miss Brazil as the winner - but it turned out she would not even make it to the semifinals.

7:23 am - Only 37 minutes before the pageant! Miss Nicaragua is still being considered a strong contender. DLIST.PH did not even include her to their Top 15 choices. Only 13 women will advance to the semifinals, btw.

7:34 am - (file video) Red carpet host Bretman Rock asked three judges beside him how to make sure there's no bias in selecting the winner. LOL!

7:45 am - It's 15 minutes to go before Miss Universe pageant begins!

7:49 am - The Manila hosting of Miss Universe 1994 is waaaaay better than what they accomplished now. We don't know if we are just being sentimental, but it had more exciting coverage. Even the tourism branding was more precised and highlighted. back then, we had national favorites.

8:00 am - The pageant starts with an opening skit with returning controversial host Steve Harvey, an escape plan if he messes up again!

8:05 am - Introduction of contestants in their lounge wear while rapper/musician Flo Rida performs. This opening performance is setting the mood and energy of the audiences specially those that are in the venue. It's just past 8 in the morning! Most of them have been inside the MOA Arena since 4am!

8:11 am - Hello, Manila! Steve Harvey greets the audience and segues right away to addressing the "elephant in the room."

8:15am - a look back at the year in the life of Miss Universe 2015, Philippines very own Pia Wurtzbach. Of course, it had to start with the gaffe of being mispronounced as 1st runner up.

8:18am - Pia Wurtzbach is already emotional with separation anxiety. She reveals that she will be staying with IMG. She thanks Harvey for "making me the most popular Miss Universe ever."

8:21 am LUCKY 13 will be announced after the break

8:28 am THE TOP 13:

KENYA, we picked her!

It turns out there is an impromptu INTERVIEW PORTION! Kenya is a standout! Her misfortunes are discussed and she answered confidently about the time she rose to the top.

INDONESIA,  not one of our choices. But we acknowledge her a strong contender. This impromptu interview is nervewracking!

USA!  A military woman from Washington DC! She speaks of diversity and representing strong and powerful women.

MEXICO! Another beautiful lady. She says she tripped in a pageant 3 years ago. She says being in the Miss Universe stage is surviving and emerging from that fall.

8:40am -

PERU!  Another sensational lady who has the most difficult position to go right ahead of the local candidate. She figured in a car accident last year.

PANAMA! Another P in the semifinals, and the second Latina to enter the Top 13.

COLOMBIA! One of our top choices! Steve asked her how Colombians felt about him. She answered in half-English and half-Spanish, and Steve joked if that was a threat!

PHILIPPINES! Hometown girl (expectedly) gets in! Maxine says her aunt, Gem Padilla, a former Miss Universe contestant to just be herself and exude more confidence since the pageant is happening at home.

DOT commercial makes it to the FOX broadcast. "When you're with the Filipinos, you are family."

8:50am - 5 semifinal spots more!

CANADA! She addresses her bodyshamers with edge and pride. This competition is really sending great signals to all women of sizes out there!

BRAZIL! Seemingly, the top contender among pageant experts. She answered briefly. She iss proud to represent the black community of her country being the first in 30 years.

FRANCE! Her face looks like a winner! And her personality is electrifying!

HAITI! Although, she is also sensational, she is a surprise inclusion. She is figuratively a darkhorse in the competition

THAILAND! Chalita tops the online voting. She had 17 suitcases and said all of them are sponsored by her Thai businesses.

9:01am - Former Miss Universe is confident that having pre-judged the women thinks they will be able to "pick the perfect girl" for the job.

9:04am - Pia is taking out co-host Ashley Graham to Bohol and Boracay to see Chocolate Hills, the Tarsier, the "one of the beaches in the world," and the nightlife and seafood that come with them.

Quick Analysis: MISS VENEZUELA did not make it to Top 13. Mariam Habach is very beautiful but there's something the judges did not see in her.  And we may have an idea, but we have to keep that in check for a while. The last time a Miss Venezuela failed to advance in the semifinal is in 2004.


INDONESIA uses the same Yamamay winning pattern used by Pia Wurtzbach last year

BRAZIL exudes the winning confidence with her megawatt smile. That lovely mane is crown-ready!

KENYA when asked a question will give you more than what you expected. She is on fire!

9:29am - Miss Thailand still tops the online voting. AND NOW MOVING TO TOP 9

USA! The Miss Universe pageant has always been an unapologetically an international political platform. The choices will always be given to various considerations.

THAILAND. Yup, she is currently a top choice among audiences!

FRANCE. She's unstoppable! The last French woman to win the Miss Universe was in the 1950s!

MEXICO! What can we say - Mexico is performing very well!

KENYA!!!! This is getting to be very exciting! And the clues are almost apparent.

COLOMBIA! She is the first woman of color from Colombia to represent her country in the last 11 years! Andrea Tovar is tons of fun. She's very consistent!

CANADA! The proud "plus-sized" advocate is getting so much love in the pageant, and we are not complaining! She is wonderful!

HAITI! Another woman of color, this time from the Caribbean! Miss Haiti is very articulate and genuine!


So far, there are five women of color to have advanced in the second cut of the competition.



Well, it isn't FOX network if no thrills!

Miss Myanmar wins the BEST NATIONAL COSTUME award! And she has to explain what constitutes her full attire. And she did this:


USA is a bit off with the "model" look

THAILAND is wearing a royal gown. Literally!

KENYA is a goddess in red!

COLOMBIA struggles going down the stairs

HAITI's gown is exquisite!

PHILIPPINES changed her evening gown from layered lantern green to silver and red number

10:04am HERE ARE THE GIRLS who made it to TOP 6

FRANCE is getting there. All she needs to do is ace the final question!

KENYA is obviously being pegged as the new Miss Universe!

COLOMBIA came here already a winner and it shows1

PHILIPPINES called in next to Colombia again. This is getting to be happening all over again

THAILAND is claiming the three way competition!

HAITI completes the final 6, and she is the 5th women of color fielded to win the crown!

There you have it, 5 out of 6 are women of color! 

10am - FINAL Q&A begins

PHILIPPINES is first: 

She gets an interpreter but she answers in English. Some noticeable nerves here and there, but she answers beautifully. 


She was asked a very political, and current question. She struggled but managed to come up with a buzzer beater answer. 

THAILAND charms the Filipino audience by quipping a few Tagalog greetings. She answered her question very well in her native Thai. 

FRANCE even in her native tongue, and constructing a very profound answer - is very nervous. She is getting ahead. 

HAITI admires Eleanor Roosevelt and explains why in a very confident manner. This lady is a winner!

COLOMBIA aced the interview competition and may finally win the crown

10:23am- One of the most loved Miss Universe contestants from the Philippines, Miriam Quiambao tweeted just now:

Charm is deceptive, & beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. (Prov31:30) #MissUniverse #Philippines





10:32 am -  There is a final question!

Colombia equates personal failures to everyone's experiences. she explains that anyone can make mistakes, including intolerance.

France is fierce and ready to win. Who knew she was this competition-ready? She killed every competition levels with warmth, grace, and sheer power.

Haiti truly has exemplary public speaking skills and is ready for the job. she gave the best answer!

(picture here

10:53am - Pia Wurtzbach, truly one of the most popular pageant queen ever, walks her final moment as Miss Universe.

10:55am - AND THE WINNERS ARE...

-  a very stunned (and disappointed) MISS COLOMBIA is announced 2nd runner up!

Steve Harvey is handed reading glasses before announcing the winner!

MISS FRANCE, Iris Mittenaere, is the 65th MISS UNIVERSE!

Harvey said in his final remark, "I got it right this time!"

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