MMFF 2016 Box-Office Report

Update 01102017

Sunday Beauty Queen's Best Picture win has given it a bit of an earnings push even when it was pulled out from some cinemas. Meanwhile, the festival's commercial charmer - Vince & Kath & James has maintained its lead making it the overall top grosser of the festival.

1. Vince & Kath & James 117M
2. Die Beautiful 116M
3. Seklusyon 97M
4. Babae sa Septic Tank 50M
5. Saving Sally 28M
6. Sunday Beauty Queen 8.9M
6. ORO 4.5M
7. Kabisera 4.3M

Update 01042017

Here are the overall box-office earnings for this year's Metro Manila Film Festival as reported by a reliable industry insider source.

1. Vince & Kath & James 94M
2. Die Beautiful 91M
3. Seklusyon 70M
4. Babae sa Septic Tank 40M
5. Saving Sally 24M
6. ORO 4M
7. Kabisera 4M
8. Sunday Beauty Queen 4M

Despite the disparity in earnings from previous festivals that featured big-named stars, this year's MMFF is a resounding success if only for all the positive feedback that most of the entries have been getting. It has regained the trust of those who have given up on the Filipino film industry and has made converts out of those who used to prefer foreign entertainment.

Meanwhile, the usual suspects have retained their audiences outside of the festival making it a win-win for producers and audiences alike. Vice Ganda's Super Parental Guardians has earned a whopping 550M, while Vic Sotto's Enteng Kabisote and Regal Film's Mano Po have earned 70M and 30M respectively.

As the festival aims to continuously improve, we hope that stricter screening guidelines would be implemented to prevent the entry of abusive films. We also hope that they answer to the audience's clamor for more children-friendly movies and even have the big stars and familiar blockbuster draws featured in films that would pass the committee's updated criteria.

Original post 12292016

Here are the box-office results from the the first three days of the Metro Manila Film Festival. The figures are partial/unofficial received from a reliable industry insider. 

Good online feedback has boosted earnings for films like Saving Sally and Sunday Beauty Queen. And while the overall earnings are not as substantial as the previous festivals, the quality of films have greatly improved. Cinema queues have also been growing each day but these films still need a wider audience. 


1. Vince & Kath & James 17M
2. Die Beautiful 10.5M
3. Babae sa Septic Tank 9.4M
4. Seklusyon 8.5M
5. Saving Sally 1.8M
6. ORO 600K
7. Kabisera 450K
8. Sunday Beauty Queen 4K (?)


1. Vince & Kath & James 13.7M
2. Die Beautiful 11M
3. Seklusyon 9.3M


1. Vince & Kath & James 12.5M
2. Die Beautiful 9.2M
3. Seklusyon 8.1M 
4. Babae sa Septic Tank 4.2M 
5. Saving Sally 3.3M 
4. Sunday Beauty Queen 527K

For anyone who ever complained about the quality of Filipino films of late, here is your chance to see that we do have good ones. We are not going to keep having them if people do not go out and see them. We understand that some of you may hate change or the committee's choice of Ambassador. Get over it! The festival is about these films alone. Most of them are really good! The MMFF runs until January 4th. Go out and watch. We guarantee that they are worth your buck. 

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