Smart to welcome Pokemon GO in PH with 7-day free access for subscribers

Everyone is excited about Pokemon GO!  I remember getting one from an iTunes US account when it was momentarily available in the PH and man, it was awesome! Too bad the local servers have shut down. But the good news is Smart Communications has joined the rally for #PHForPokemonGO on social media since the game was released in select markets last July 6. On Twitter alone, the anticipation and clamor for the game reached more than 14 million impressions on over the last couple of weeks for Smart and Pokemon Go.

The leading mobile network in the country has also announced  that it will give its subscribers 7 days of free data access to Pokemon GO upon the launch of the hit game in the Philippines. 

Smart and TNT subscribers can easily level up their gameplay via convenient and secure Pokemon Go in-app purchases even without a credit card. With Smart’s Google Direct Carrier Billing for Android users, subscribers can easily purchase Pokecoins, Pokemon Go’s currency mainly used for buying items that will help gamers catch Pokemons – directly charged to their prepaid load or postpaid account. Smart Postpaid subscribers who are iPhone users, on the other hand, can also conveniently buy Pokecoins, charged to their monthly billing, through Smart’s Pay-With-Mobile service.

Catch the latest updates on Pokemon GO by following Smart’s official accounts on Facebook, Snapchat (LiveSmartPH), Twitter and Instagram (@LiveSmart). 

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