JaDine movie This Time is showing May 4 amid steep competition

Nuel Naval’s This Time is supercouple JaDine’s 5th team-up three years since starring together in a music video. This could be the most challenging task the loveteam will have to hurdle as they are going against the supposedly unprecedented rom-com hit giants – incidentally, from the same broadcasting company that further catapulted their pop-culture phenomena via a sensational television series (On The Wings of Love).

It appeared that one pushed down its own original screening date to sidestep the projected box-office killing of a Hollywood comics superhero movie, and decided to just co-share the theaters with the one originally slated for the coming week.  Who ever came first with the playdate or who ever decided to go against the other is already beyond our concerns. We at the DLIST.PH is placing all our bets on JaDine, using the most independently informed observation we could gather.

JaDine, or the portmanteau of actors/singers James Reid and Nadine Lustre amassed multitudes of fans through a well-calculated narrative designed by their studio management.  Both had to give up on their past relationships to concentrate on creating a showbiz super-coupling that would be as successful as the most historic ones. Banking primarily on their mercurial internet fan-base, JaDine was officially launched as a loveteam that coincided with the commencement of film series based on popular internet-published  romance stories  (Wattpad’s Ang Diary ng Panget, Para Sa Hopeless Romantic, Talk Back and Youre Dead ). On the side, both Reid and Samonte proved their talents on music recording and live performances by  each releasing albums that are similarly received with resounding critical and commercial success.

This Time,  from a screenplay by Mel Mendoza Del Rosario, is tagged as a light summer movie that focuses on the intricacies, nuances, and challenges of long-distance relationships – except that if the trailer is to be put together, their characters and their romantic relationship may not have been labelled and perfectly understood from the beginning, hence a very relatable drama is most likely to ensue.  The romantic film also features the enduring loveteam of veteran actors Nova Villa and Freddie Webb (which was resurrected, and echoed on the indie film 1st Ko Si Third, 2014). Also in the stellar cast are Al Tantay, Ronnie Lazaro, Candy Pangilinan, Yam Concepcion, Donnalyn Bartolome, Issa Pressman, and Bret Jackson.

Primarily, JaDine’s resounding television success via #OTWOL will garner enough theater attendance regardless if their film would be dwarfed by the distribution and publicity competition. The fact that they are confessed lovers in real life resonates well on screen, and attracts audiences of various backgrounds. In this light, we echo the sentiments that two local movies being pitted against each other only to give way to Hollywood fares is unfortunate. However, this also marks as an effective measure for how powerful commercial films are when it comes to breaching the real market giants, amidst the tides of globalization and the stagnating business landscapes of the Philippine film industry.

This Time will be shown May 4 at theater venues nationwide. 
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