Building a career from home with a little help from PLDT

Almost two years ago, we moved to Quezon City. Our main consideration when we were looking for a new home was the availability of PLDT FIBR. The reason for this is not only because I wanted hassle free browsing and streaming, I actually work from home. This means that I am 100% reliant on a fast and stable connection. 

When I initially started with home-based work, I had performance issues related to me always losing my internet connection and any work-from-home freelancer would tell you that having bad internet is not an excuse for us to miss work. Losing your internet is equivalent to being absent so if you happen to subscribe to a crappy connection, you have to have back-up internet or you must be ready to pack your laptop and work from a coffee shop somewhere - whatever time of day or night it is. Our connection is our responsibility so it is critical that we subscribe to the most reliable internet service available. 

When we moved, we initially subscribed to an 8 Mbps FIBR connection. Coming from a 2 Mbps subscription from the competition that bogs down every two months or less, that was a huge leap. A few months later, we were offered a free upgrade to 20 Mbps if we agreed to extend our contract. This came with a free subscription to iFlix and Cignal. Since our experience at that point was pretty pleasant anyway, I didn't hesitate to agree on the contract extension. 

Almost two years later, I have had a total of only two instances where my connection went down. Both were caused by underwater cable issues that affected all telcos and internet providers. And on the second instance that our connection had issues, PLDT even called and offered yet another FREE upgrade. This time to 50 Mbps and all for the same subscription cost that we initially signed up for. 

Over the last few years, working from home has become a very popular option for professionals in the Metro who want to avoid the hassle of the daily commute. This gives us more time to spend with our families plus we also get to travel more since we can work anywhere so long as we can go online. My Instagram feed (@dalebacar) would tell you that I do a bit of travelling. It helps that SMART has pretty good LTE connection in most parts of the country that I don't even have to worry if I am staying at a hotel or Airbnb that does not have wifi. 

PLDT has really given me and lot of other freelancers a chance to have the work-life balance that most people crave for. We are able to excel in the work field that we choose and compete with our counterparts from first world countries because we are able to stay connected and just focus on our work without worrying about internet issues. Now, I am not sure if we'd be staying longer than two years in QC, but one thing I am sure of is that wherever we move to next, we'd be making sure that there's PLDT internet available in the area before we move. 

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