Rockschool: Ensuring the success of your music career

Members of the media met up with Rockschool Ltd's Chief Executive, John Simpson and the Rockschool crew for the Philippines  at Wolf & Fox Gastropub, The Fort last week. There, we were introduced to what Rockschool is all about and their role in the accreditation of musicians as the leading provider of rock and pop exams worldwide.

Not to be confused with an actual school, Rockschool is similar to TOEFL for those who want accreditation for their proficiency in English as a second language - only here, they apply the same concept to proficiency in music. This credential can be used for any music-related performance, a teaching job and/or when applying to a music school for advanced learning. 

Rockschool produces grade books/syllabus from Entry Level to Grade 8 - corresponding to different skills and skill level. These grade books, which can be purchased online or downloaded via mobile app, can be used for training by partner music schools or even for self-study. The same books are used for the examinations of the students.

John Simpson explains that in a highly competitive industry, it is easy to say that you are good - that you have the skills. But the one thing that will set you apart is a Diploma in Teaching and/or Performance from Rockschool.

Some notable Honorary Diploma Recipients from Rockschool are R&B singer JayR and my personal favourite, Yeng Constantino. 

For more information about acquiring a teaching or performance diploma from Rockschool, you may click here. You may also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
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