NETFLIX is now available in the Philippines - here's how you sign up

So this just dropped while almost everyone in the PH was asleep - popular video-streaming service Netflix announced its launch in several new territories including the Philippines! 

Woke up to the update so I quickly tried signing up via my mobile and rightly so, there is no longer that message saying that "Netflix is not available in your territory." Of course, anyone with a VPN could override this before the official launch but I never really bothered because I have a subscription to streaming services that are available locally like iFlix. 

If you are signing up using an Apple device, the subscription is automatically charged to your iTunes account. I'd imagine that the only difference when signing up without one is you'd be asked to key in your card information. The current subscription plans available are for $7.99 which is roughly around P370, $9.99 (P460) and $11.99 (P550).

Follow the screenshots below for the sign-up process.

The most practical choice is the $9.99 (P460) option as it allows you to stream HD content. Plus i'd imagine that most people would want to use this on both your TV and your mobile device.

Speaking of SMART TVs, my issue with local streaming services is that I still have to hook it up to my mobile or iPad. Netflix, on the other hand, is available as a ready app which you can access if you have a PS4 connected.

The rest is pretty standard, you choose your preferred content and Netflix will suggest shows based on them. Regardless though, you'd still have access to their infinite libraries of films and television shows.

In comparison with iFlix and HOOQ, Netflix does NOT have downloadable and local content - at least not yet. I still have to tinker with this more but I can see a couple of shows so far that are not available on its local competitors. 

P.S. You can go to Options - Account to toggle off/on your subscription and update your subscription type like I did. Just noticed that Ultra HD was only available via Premium and we all need Ultra HD in our lives.

Now go and sign-up! ;)

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