How to watch US/UK content on your NETFLIX account

Everyone was excited when Netflix finally announced that it would be accessible in the Philippines. I remember blogging about it at 3AM right after I signed-up for the 30 day trial. A few hours later, we found out that the local Netflix content is missing about 93% of the content that is currently available in the US market. Imagine being excited about House of Cards, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Fringe, Scandal or even The Walking Dead but finding out that they don't even come up in your Netflix search. 

At its current form and considering the competition, the monthly subscription rates that start from $7.99 (P370) to $11.99 (P550) are totally unjustifiable especially when you can easily find the missing content someplace else. But here's a workaround - and something that may keep you from cancelling that subscription for now. After testing a couple of Proxy services, I decided to use UnoTelly. Providing both DNS and VPN services, UnoTelly lets you stream US (see other eligible countries here) content by simply changing the DNS server on your selected device. Unlike its competition like Smartflix where video quality is toggled only up to 720p, UnoTelly lets you enjoy any available HD/UHD content so long as it is supported by the device that you are using. There is also no bandwidth cap so you can watch all the movies/tv series that you want.

The instructions are pretty simple and there are steps available for almost any gadget from Android to iPhones/iPads, to your PS4 or directly on your television. Just to give you an idea as to how simple it is, here are the steps for the iPhone/iPad:

When using the DNS service, there is a bit of delay when loading Netflix but it is still much faster compared to when I tried connecting using a VPN. Once connected, Netflix will automatically load its US content. Note that UnoDNS is only activated when you are trying to access websites with geo-blocked content so your net browsing on your device is not affected by it. You can also use it on multiple devices so long as they are on the same network when you are using them. So far, I have set mine up on a PS4, an iPhone and an iPad.

UnoTelly lets you sign-up for FREE for 8-days. If after eight days you decide that you don't want it, they also provide an easy-to-follow guide on how to remove it from your devices. Monthly/Annual subscription rates apply for continued use. 

Before signing up, you may check the list of compatible devices here

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