Watch Madonna's Rebel Heart Concert for FREE with SUN Postpaid

Madonna's upcoming Rebel Heart Tour is indeed a once in a lifetime event. But even if you have the cash, would you really want to dish out almost P60,000 for a one-night concert? 

For that amount, I can already get a brand new iPhone 6+ or a 13-inch Macbook Pro where I can listen to all of Madonna's hits all day via Spinnr! That amount can also get you at least a three-day vacation in HK or Japan, or even a month in Bangkok if you know how to manage your cash! How about making a downpayment on a new car or paying off that long-standing debt on your credit card bill?

Sure, you can settle for a Gen Ad ticket just to see a glimpse of the Queen of Pop but unless you have zoom lens in your eyes, it is hardly worth it. You would probably have better use for your P3,000 or P8,000 if you spent it on groceries. 

I know how it feels to really want something that you'd willingly trade off a couple of month's food budget to get it. But instead of giving up the essential things for you and your family for a night at the MOA Arena, why don't you take a chance at a premium experience in Las Vegas for three days and two nights — complete with hotel accommodation, transportation expenses, meal allowance, and of course, tickets to Madonna’s Rebel Heart Concert at the MGM Grand Arena.

To join, SUN subscribers just need to register for free on Spinnr by going to www.spinnr.ph with their name, address and birth date on the promo registration page. If you don't have Spinner yet on your mobile, text LIVE to 4067 to get started. Points can be earned by subscribing to Spinnr’s Unlimited Music Streaming Package for 99 pesos with 30 day validity. Sun subscribers can also earn more points by purchasing or gifting a Madonna song via Spinnr. Of course, the more points you earn means more chances of winning.

Subscribers must already have a US Visa before joining the promo to qualify and call outs shall be made to verify that participating subscribers are qualified. Promo winners will then be notified by phone call and registered mail.

If you don't have a SUN Postpaid subscription yet, this promo runs until October 4, 2015 so you still have a lot of time to switch to the mobile brand that always helps you to #Choosebetter. Promo is also open to Smart and Talk ‘N Text subscribers.

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