The Love Affair

There are no good guys and bad guys in love. Everyone is capable of playing either role. You can be hurt one day and scheming to hurt another the next. You can be the advocate of loyalty today and then you find yourself madly in love with someone who is committed tomorrow. One day you realize that love is just an evil game master and we are all pawns in an unending game where someone always ends up hurt or betrayed.

The orchestrations of love do not end. We may think that we have overcome these but they creep up on us at the most inopportune time. The most that we can do is wish for the best, be happy with what we have and be ready to fight or give in when that inevitable moment comes when love decides to challenge you once more. 

Star Cinema's The Love Affair asks us to confront the realities of love; to see beyond the fairy tale. Who knows, this film may even show you who you are and what you are made of. For those who are in love, it may take away your blinders and make you see if what you have is worth keeping or if it is time to finally set yourself free. 

The Love Affair opens in theaters August 12th. 

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