Starbucks releases 2nd Edition Philippine Starbucks Card plus new food items and drinks

One of the highlights of every Starbucks Card Collection is the unique destination-themed card that celebrates the heritage of a local city or country. Sold exclusively in its place of origin, these cards are perfect mementos for travelers and a must-have for people in the country. 

Starting July 28, 2015, on the second anniversary of its introduction in the Philippines, Starbucks releases the 2nd Edition Philippines Starbucks Card which is inspired by the colors and elements of the the Filipino Fiesta. 

As an added treat, Starbucks has added more rewards choices that are redeemable as perks when you keep using your card.

Any Grande handcrafted beverage with up to two (2) add-ons for every 12 Beverage Stars. 

Starbucks Reserve® brewed coffee may now be redeemed with 12 Beverage Stars. 

Any 250g bag of whole bean coffee for every 10 Whole Bean Stars.

Starbucks Reserve® whole bean coffee may now be redeemed with 10 Whole Bean Stars. 

Any 12-pack Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew, 5-pack Starbucks VIA® Iced Coffee, or 4-pack Starbucks VIA® Latte for every 10 Starbucks VIA® Stars. 

Soon, members may also conveniently reload their Starbucks Card through their Starbucks Account using a Visa or MasterCard Credit or Debit Card. We will be sure to keep you updated as soon as this is in place!

From July 28 - September 14. 2015, a new round of food items and drinks are up for grabs. The Honeycomb Crunch Mocha Frappucino and the Orange Honeycomb Crunch Cream Frappucino are on sale for Tall – ₱ 165 Grande ₱ 175 Venti– ₱ 185.

New food items are also introduced for a limited time. My personal favorite, the classic Mango Float Cake - a light and moist sponge cake layered with chewy yet crispy meringue and mango creamy custard smothered with vanilla pistachio cream. Also available are the White Chocolate Very Berry Cookie, Chicken Bun, Banana Chocolate Fritter, Grilled Lamb Kofta Wraps among others. 

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