Review: The Love Affair

Star Cinema’s The Love Affair opens with couples dealing with infidelity. It establishes a fact that anyone who has had a real relationship in their lives already know: that  love is bizarre, that love can make people do awful things and that love can make the nicest people hurl the most cringe-worthy and hurtful words against those that they care about. It shows us how people that still love each other can lose sight of this love and fall for other people - the gravity of which may be easy to dismiss for bystanders, but for those who have spent a decade or more with anyone would know to be hurtful betrayal.

The film does not show us the perfect kind of love borne out of fairy tales and romantic comedies. There are no huge declarations of regret and dramatic reconciliation. What it does is show us the little things that are lost along the way when people have been together for a long time, the problems encountered that cause a tear in a relationship and the eventual drifting apart that comes as a result. 

The film does not set out to offer anything new either. It just shows us a mirror to something that can happen or has happened in our own lives. Sure we can't all be in circles of doctors, lawyers and businessmen but love is the great equalizer. For it, we all make compromises, we humble ourselves and sometimes, we learn to choose what truly matters in the end.

In a previous post, we mentioned: There are no good guys and bad guys in love. Everyone is capable of playing either role. You can be hurt one day and scheming to hurt another the next. You can be the advocate of loyalty today and then you find yourself madly in love with someone who is committed tomorrow. One day you realize that love is just an evil game master and we are all pawns in an unending game where someone always ends up hurt or betrayed.

The strength of The Love Affair comes from its understanding of people and relationships. The mess that it truly is in real life and not the dressed up version often portrayed in movies where everything is meaningful, where all issues are dealt with and clearly laid out. To see it as simply going after one person is missing its point. In real life, there are things that are left unsaid and we all give up something for the people that we love. We just gain something more important that it never really matters.

Powerful performances by Dawn Zulueta and Bea Alonzo anchor the movie with able support from Ina Feleo, Victor Silayan and Grae Fernandez. Director Nuel Naval gives the film the usual glossy affluent look that is his trademark and ably utilizes the powerhouse cast to create a memorable film.

Rating 3.5/5

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