SUN offers easy-to-manage FREE FACEBOOK for prepaid/postpaid subscribers

Coming on the heels of its insightful ‘Choose Better' campaign, which encourages mobile phone users to examine their choices and make sure they are getting the most value out of their hard-earned money, SUN offers free access to Facebook anytime and anywhere on your mobile phone without worrying about data charges or having to scan for free WiFi hotspots.

Even better, you can now take full control your Facebook experience with Sun, just by using a simple switch that appears on the upper right corner of your screen every time you log in to the site. 

By simply turning the switch on, you will be able to safely post status updates, comment on your friends’ posts, discuss ideas in your groups and even send chat messages to friends – all without incurring data charges.

Moreover, you will be notified promptly whenever you access features or websites that are not part of the offer. 

“Now, you simply have full control of precisely when you want to enjoy Facebook activities for free on your Sun phone. There is no more reason to fear unwanted data charges; you can just stay connected wherever you go,” explained Joel Lumanlan, Vice President of SUN Cellular.

If you want to use the full version of Facebook, you only have to turn it off, so you would be able to continue viewing images, videos, and other content on your News Feed through the affordable Facebook promos by Sun.

Sun’s free access to Facebook experience works on all data-capable phones, including smartphones and basic phones. Simply update your Facebook app or visit the Facebook website (m.facebook.com) on your mobile browser. Smart and Talk ‘N Text subscribers may also enjoy the same Free FB experience on their phones.

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