10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour In Manila

We know that the ticket price is something that even the most material girl out there would have to think through, like more than twice, but here's some good news for SUN Subscribers!

You can score two (2) VIP tickets to the Rebel Heart Tour in MANILA by joining SUN's Facebook Promo. Just upload a Madonna look-alike photo, tag five (5) of your friends, and use the hashtag #SunMadonna! Promo ends on December 2 so keep those entries coming for more chances of winning! 

And since SUN is the master when it comes to giving options to its subscribers,  you may also get a chance to be flown off to Hong Kong or Sydney, Australia to watch Madonna in concert! Just text LIVE to 4067 on your SUN mobile to join.

We're pretty sure that you don't need convincing. But just the same, we have listed down 10 reasons why you should not miss this concert for the world, including, why you should start helping the Pop Culture Icon out with her latest market debacle against online piracy, and why she is the the one and only Queen of Pop.
1. Madonna remains to be the highest selling female artist with 13 studio albums and over 300 million copies sold worldwide. The Immaculate Collection (Compilation, Sire Records, 1990) is one of the highest selling albums of all time (over 30 million copies). Like A Virgin (Sire, 1984) and True Blue (Sire, 1986) have a combined album sales of 50 million copies.

2. The Sticky & Sweet Tour (2008-2009) is the highest grossing female concert tour ever earning almost half a billion dollars. That’s 85 shows with almost 4 million attendance (almost 42 thousand people per venue) each grossing at least 4.79 million dollars. 

3. So far, Rebel Heart is Madonna's least selling album of all time, but it is still being considered as the 2nd best album of her entire career in terms of artistry and production. Blame damn piracy. But never ever fault the Material Girl for the many delays as she had been too focused on marrying theme cohesion and sound precision beyond sheer volume. 

4. Madonna at 56 is still an indefatigable livewire on stage; always prefers singing out rather than belting out those high notes pitched perfect and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Wouldn’t you want to witness her performing Bitch, I’m Madonna, Devil Pray, Unapologetic Bitch, and yes…Living for Love? Those songs from Rebel Heart are gold! Of course, there will always be a medley of her classic hits! She continues to defy ageism and rise above society’s inherent obsession in the youth.

5. Madonna inspired many second rate queens whose familiar nuances have been paved way too easily. Every Madonna performance is a moving tribute to pop; her queenship of the genre transcending innovation, revolution, and real talent. Hard copies of her albums had been displayed and sold way faster than an average digital download. 

6. Like everyone else; the Queen of Modern Music struggles hard to combat the evil of online piracy. Even her own personal laptop is a prime hacking target. And you wonder why there are a whopping 19 songs (clocking at an average of 4 minutes each) in the Deluxe Version and even more tracks have been added to the Super Deluxe Version. That’s how she, the genius with a superior IQ of 140, operates and emerges! 

7. Truth: She can sell 30,000 tickets in just 60 minutes! If you are still dilly-dallying, dilly-dally very quickly before that gold pass drops! Mark the date: July 26!

8. Rebel Heart garnered universal acclaim from various music critics with the influential All Music giving it 4 stars and an overall reflection as glittering and legendary as a career that continues to cross-over genres and a legacy that leaps a million miles far even more, all in one recent album: “Certainly, the ambition remains, along with the hunger to remain on the bleeding edge, but she's allowing her past to mingle with her present, allowing her to seem human yet somewhat grander at the same time.”

9. Rebel Heart debuted at #2 on Billboard 200 and peaked at the top spot across the globe. Her songs are more spiritual than ever (Devil Pray, Rebel Heart, Wash all Over Me), more radical (Bitch, I’m Madonna, Unapologetic Bitch, Holy Water, Illuminati), and very much more personal and almost autobiographical (Veni Vidi Vici, Iconic). Many juvenile talents proclaimed themselves queen, but only Madonna can prove that with loftier tangibles and high esteem. 

10. THIS IS THE POP SUPERSTAR’S FIRST TIME EVER IN MANILA. And she’s not even touring around the Asian continent very often. It has been 22 years since she was in Japan. She even had to cancel a tour in Australia in 2012! Back in the day, your best shot to see her live in concert is to fly to Abu Dhabi or Israel – and that is only after having confirmed the show would go on amidst risqué controversies. 

The Rebel Heart World Tour kicks off in Montreal, Canada in September. Madonna’s Filipino (and other neighboring Asian) fans will have to wait until February 24, 2016. The once in a lifetime concert, as colossal as the Beatles in 1966 Manila, will be held at the 16, 000 seater SM MOA Arena in Pasay City.

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