Supergirl Pilot Episode leaks online

The pilot episode of Supergirl leaked online this week ahead of its scheduled release on November 2015. It is a familiar fate (or marketing ploy) shared by another DC Superhero series - The Flash. 

Marketing ploy or not, the early release shouldn't be damaging at all to the show as most of what happened are already in the extended preview that was released a few days ahead. And not that we watch illegal torrents (coz nobody does that sort of thing!), but here are some of our initial thoughts and discoveries about the show if we did. 


1. The backstory provided on how Kara came to earth is improved from the movie version where Kara stowed away to go after the Omegahedron which powers her home - Krypton survivor, Argo City.

In the series, Kara was sent as Kal-El's guardian but ended up lost in the Phantom Zone. An event that is yet to be revealed propelled Kara to Earth years later, taking with her the deadly criminals that were condemned to inhabit the zone.

2. Helen Slater and Dean Cain play Kara's adoptive parents. Helen Slater was the original Supergirl from the 1984 film while Cain was tv's Clark Kent from 1993-1997.

3. Chyler Leigh (Lexie Grey) plays Kara's adoptive sister, Alex Danvers. The character was not in any of the earlier Supergirl stories; was created exclusively for the series. 

4. Calista Flockhart plays Cat Grant, founder of media conglomerate CatCo and Kara's boss. She is awesome. Nuff said.

5. Jeremy Jordan (Smash) plays Winslow "Winn" Schott, a tech expert who works alongside Kara at CatCo. According to the Supergirl Wiki, this is just a guest role but we do hope that he gets to have a musical number with Melissa Benoist who is a Glee alumna.

6. Mehcad Brooks plays Jimmy Olsen. He likes to be called James now and sports a hunky persona that deviates from how I pictured Jimmy all these years. He is slated to be the love interest. This part seems pretty meh so far... and I am actually rooting for the tech guy, Winslow Scott.

7. A villain is revealed at the end of the first episode. The revelation lacks impact but we'd let future episodes become her gauge if she is worthy.

8. Special effects and costumes were all good except for Supergirl's cape towards the end of the first episode. That part on her shoulders looked like they were flapping and wasn't properly tucked wherever it was supposed to be tucked into. 

Episode 1 of Supergirl confirmed initial expectations that it has a lighter, more fun tone. This has generated some negative reviews from viewers that have gotten used to the darker, more serious superhero series and movies. Kara loves her powers. She knows who she is, what she wants and has no identity issues. She knows that she still needs to work on her skills and she is eager to learn. Personally, I think that it is refreshing and it is worth watching.

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