Access Music and Videos all-day on your mobile via SUN Entertainment Loads

I finally downloaded Spinnr on my phone to test it out against other music streaming apps and it was so worth it! Not only is the monthly subscription more affordable, there are also a bunch of promos that you can avail to enjoy the service non-stop!

Imagine this: For five (5) days, you can get all-day music streaming via Spinnr, unlimited use of Viber and 200 text messages to all networks for only P50! That's freaking P10 a day! Just text eMUSIC50 TO 247 on your Sun Cellular Mobile.

As with other music apps, you may create your own playlists on Spinnr, listen to them offline, skip music all you want on Spinnr Radio and download music directly on any Android device. Spinnr also gives you exclusive access to the biggest music event promos and concerts!

Alternatively, you can opt for three (3) hours of video streaming to watch your favorite TV5 content via the Viewstream app, unlimited use of Viber and 200 text messages to all networks by texting eVIEW50 to 247.

With Viewstream (available on both Android and iOS), you don't just read about the news, you can watch them as they are reported on air! You can even avoid that pesky rush hour traffic and watch your favorite Wattpad series on mobile!

SUN Entertainment Loads Promo runs from April 9 - June 26, 2015. For more information, you may check out the SUN CELLULAR website by clicking here.

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