Sharon's comeback project debuts with soaring ratings

Sharon Cuneta's much talked-about homecoming to Abs-Cbn has been testament of the network's able hands in creating and sustaining stardom. In less than a week since her return, Sharon has been the centerpiece of every news media that matters and has successfully dulled the memory of her time out from the network. 

But as with any other television celebrity, the success of her comeback is measured by ratings. And so this makes it official. Based on data from Kantar Media, Your Face Sounds Familiar's first episode last Saturday (March 14) registered a national TV rating of 22.5%, or seven points higher than rival program “Celebrity Bluff” (15.5%). Its Sunday (March 15) episode, meanwhile, triumphed with a national TV rating of 27.9% versus “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho,” which only got 23%.

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