Offering more than just juices, Detoxify Bar opens at Shangri-La

I've never really been the type that would rave about anything healthy. Whenever I hear people talk about the supposed health benefits of working out or whatever new diet craze there is, my mind shuts down and wanders off to a utopia where people can eat whatever they want and laze around all day long without being judged.

That said, I do know good food and I like fancy hangout places. So when we got invited to the opening of Detoxify Bar at Shangri-La, I thought, why not. Apart from the much debated detox juices, they do serve gourmet meals and that is at least something that is worth checking out.

The good news is, the food items did not disappoint. More surprising... nor did the juices. While some of the flavours had a strong veggie-like taste which isn't really for everyone, there were variants that had no hint of that pa-healthy taste and were really good as far as flavoured drinks go. My personal favourite was the Minty Berry flavour which contains apples, berries, mint leaf and lemon. Another popular variant is Lemon which has maple syrup and cayenne pepper as additional ingredients. 

Health benefits or not, I can go on having these juices for a day or so only because they're actually not bad. Of course, for the clean-living folks, you would probably have them as they are supposed to be able to purge the body of unwanted toxins which leads to having a healthy liver, a more efficient digestive system, cleansed colon and improved micronutrient absorption. The reported side effects of which are weight loss, clearer skin, lowering and stabilizing of blood pressure and improved memory and concentration.

Detoxify Bar is the first organic juice bar in the country and the first to bring the fresh-pressed juicing experience to dine-in customers. It has branches at Techno Plaza 2 in Eastwood, Tuscany in McKinley, Westgate in Alabang , Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Solenad 3 in Nuvali. You may also have the juices delivered by calling 0916-2892132. A minimum purchase of 1 Day’s Detox Package (5 juices) worth P1350 is required for delivery. For more information, you may check the Detoxify Bar website here.

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