Lance Raymundo to play Jesus Christ a year after surviving freak accident

Exactly a year ago, Lance Raymundo, his manager Shandii, and I were driving to a vegetarian restaurant when I learned that he was playing Jesus Christ in a passion play scheduled to be staged in a month. I told Lance that the most holy role of the Redeemer is a very huge shoe to fill and much is expected of him when it comes to imbibing the character in real life. He understood what I said very well and vowed that he would do everything to live up with it by giving a great performance. A week after that, Lance figured in a major accident that rocked the headlines for weeks. The whole accident, details and all, were downplayed so as not to worry his fans and friends. Truth be told, Lance almost didn’t make it. Only a miracle sent from above made him fully recover and made it possible for him to continue what he had started before.

For Lance, he could not ask for more blessings, or more miracles – because everything that has been presented to him, professionally and personally, are all taken as life affirming instructions for him to do things better, and for him to become a better person. For someone who has been given another chance to live beautifully, Lance is counting each day as a blessing – and as a reminder of this gift, he vows to live by example and inspiring people. He believes that the physical ordeal that he experienced prepared him to portray the role of the Messiah with humility and sincerity.

Senaculo 2015, which is produced by Greenfield Corporation and directed by award-winning actor and theater director, Lou Veloso, will be staged during the Holy Week. It will be kicking-off on March 29 at the Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City. Succeeding performances will be held at San Juan Gymnasium, Sta Ana Manila, and Baguio City.

Lance’s preparations have tested his physical endurance, emotional sensibilities, and of course, his acting and singing skills. If one thinks that he has already exceeded the most difficult times – trials, incidents, accidents, and challenges still happen – and these things have all culminated exactly a year after. The great part of it is that miracles still continue to come his way. No new scars wouldn’t heal with the power of his faith and prayers now – or otherwise, Lance jokes that either he is really that blessed or his body is now made of full metals, considering the amount of reconstructive surgeries he had to endure before.

Senaculo 2015 will also feature both veteran and up and coming film and theater actors playing key roles, such as returning multi-awarded actor Bernardo Bernardo, Bodgie Pascua, Ced Carreon, Aldrico Padilla, Nina Campos (the daughter of pharmaceutical tycoon and Greenfield District CEO Jeffrey Campos), and former Tanghalang Pilipino resident actor Tracy Quila. The passion play which has been running for decades as Veloso’s lifelong “panata” prides a remarkable cast of community theater talents from Teatro Sta Ana.

By Archie Del Mundo

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