SMART, GLOBE offer different versions of pay with mobile services

While a lot of people are now donning iPhones and other high-end gadgets, it is surprising to know that many Filipinos still do not have the ability to readily purchase items online. But as we shift to an increasingly digital lifestyle, mobile carriers in the country have made online purchases more accessible to just about anyone. 

Around May 2014, GLOBE Telecom started offering Mobile in-app purchases for Android where GLOBE subscribers can make purchases from the Play Store using their prepaid credits or charging it to their postpaid account. 

GCASH subscribers, on the other hand, can use their GCASH American Express Virtual Accounts as the default payment method for iTunes whether you create a local or US-based account.

This year, SMART launches the world's first pay-with-load service for iTunes and the App Store. The service called Pay-with-Mobile lets SMART subscribers pay for games, music and whatever apps you can find using only their SMART prepaid load or by charging it to their postpaid account. 

To use the service, just text REG to 4949. Once you receive your Pay-With-Mobile number and account details, do the following:

1. Go to your Account Settings page on iTunes or the App Store
2. Select “MasterCard” as your payment option; and
3. Enter the details needed on their corresponding fields.

As I don't own any Android devices, Pay-with-Mobile comes in handy for all of my Apple games and in-app purchases. I can imagine that this will also be pretty useful for kids/students especially those that have been restricted by their parents from using their credit cards. Now, they can simply set their own iTunes accounts to charge to their mobile - which saves the parents from the hassle of unnecessary credit card charges and teaches kids to budget their spending based on how much mobile load they have.

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