Top 10 TV Series of 2014

Forget about Game of Thrones or Walking Dead for a moment and check out this list of must-see television series that you may have missed this 2014.  Film/Television writer and director, Archie del Mundo compiles his list of the Top TV Series of 2014 for DLIST.PH. 

See if your favourites made the cut!

Top 10 TV Series of 2014
by Archie del Mundo

In 2014, television continues its golden period with revolutionary materials that its film counterpart can only feel envy of. One of the biggest triumphs this year is the return of a previously cancelled but nonetheless critically acclaimed comedy show. The same can be said about a spy drama that has long been considered fallen from grace, but made an explosive comeback, quite literally. It’s still British TV versus American TV, but an Irish psycho-thriller manages to make a powerful killing on the tube. 

All things considered, here are the 10 television series this year that we got obsessed with. 


Forget The Walking Dead. The Brits took the zombie money. The zombie genre takes another form. The return of the previously dead takes an allegorical picture where the unwanted and the outsiders reflect the existence of the main character - a gay teenager. Kieran, among other risers, needs to reintegrate to a post-apocalyptic community while seeking reparation. 


Six awkward young men are catapulted to tech superstardom when their start-up company created a groundbreaking data compression algorithm. 


Anglo-Israeli Nessa Stein has just been proclaimed Baroness of the House of Lords. Twenty-nine years ago, she witnessed the murder of his father, an arms dealer. She inherited the corporation and turned it to a communications company servicing both the Palestinians and Israelis. We witness how her life is riddled by countless security protocols, up to the extent of seeing her as she lays down in a highly-secured bathroom to sleep. But at the end of the first episode, she runs in her bare feet to chase the kidnapper of a child whose identity she keeps secret for long.


The Hunter and the Hunted are equally, interestingly flawed and morally challenged characters. We, by the same token, root for them. According to DSI Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson), no man is a monster. He/she is only fueled by his/her addictions and desires that may or may not explain the nature of human biology. However, Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) thinks it’s the embedded fear that decides the worst fate of human survival. It is also this fear that makes way for a Margaret Atwood shout-out to the fear of the opposite gender. The anti-gender interplay may or may not be inherent to Freudian perversions. From stage right, comes the conclusion that shoots that hatred deep into the heart of humanity.


This period drama based on the revolutionary studies of Masters and Johnson on the science of sex takes some artistic liberties to dramatize America on the brink of sexual liberation. 


In this side of the world, trans women are doing the catcalls when cismales are passing by, trans men are sexually attractive macho stereotypes, but do recognize a "chaser" when they see one. The front and center of the show, a senior trans woman, is singing as a woman and not just a drag queen doing karaoke while her vaped out grown children scurry out of involuntary laughter. 


During the Cold War, Russian deep-penetrating agents posed as a typical American family, complete with biological kids, a small business, and a neutralized accent to boot. But for how long are they going to protect their lives and covers in the midst of threats from both warring ends? 


When an ex-convict rejoins his community and family torn apart by the rape and murder of a teenage girl 19 years ago, he painstakingly reintegrates the lives squandered, and relationships broken. But he still feels imprisoned by the harrowing past, and the unforgiving present.


The war on terror takes its ugly realities on the Pakistani soil. Bipolar-stricken CIA agent Carrie Mathison takes the lead, gets some pyrrhic victories, and more real-life defeats imaginable. 


Nine years ago, fading television star Valerie Cherish staged a comeback via a cheesy comedy series where she was not only treated badly, but also taken upon as a pathetic subject of a reality show. When she gets a major supporting role in an HBO series, THE New York Times wanted to feature her right away. HBO takes full interest on the behind-the-scenes her crew is doing, but the diva lights and her vanity must go. When she insisted to see the dailies, everyone agrees that she's presenting herself in a different light - something her old audiences have never seen before. While Valerie is on the verge of winning an Emmy, her marriage is on the breakdown. All the ugly, dark details of her life are being caught on the documentary film she earlier spearheaded. 

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