Starbucks 2015 Planners, Holiday Treats and Butterbeer!

Starbucks officially kicks off the Christmas season with the return of classic favorites and some new items that are guaranteed to make your holiday more festive!

Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on the Toffee Nut and Peppermint Mocha drinks but this year, you may also experience the Christmas Cookie variant. These sinful favorites (and those are the best kinds of favorites) are best paired with special food items that are also available this season - the toffee nut loaf, peppermint brownie, gingerbread cookie, chocolate crepe cake, chocolate chip cookie “stuffed with Oreo,” and the chocolate torte cake!

Now, for whether you are actually going to use them, give them out as a gift or make them part of your collection, I know that everyone is excited to get a new planner! And who isn't? I was lucky enough to get an early copy of the Limited Edition Brown version with an embroidered siren (the same one on the Starbucks logo) on the cover and I gotta say that it looks pretty awesome! All versions come with a marker/pen that you can use to personalize your planner's nameplate a la Starbucks Barista. They also come with a nifty looking bookmark.

You may redeem one (1) Starbucks Philippines 2015 Planner for every nine (9) Christmas beverages plus nine (9) core handcrafted beverages (total 18 stickers).

For Starbucks Card collectors, three new designs will be launched including a Special Edition Mini Card. You may start collecting stickers and avail of these Christmas Treats from Starbucks on November 3, 2014 to January 8, 2014.


Let me apparate you, dear Muggles, to Hogwarts for this special news:

With the availability of toffee nut, Harry Potter fans in the Philippines can now also enjoy BUTTERBEER! This is a big deal because this is the only season when we get to have this concoction made in this tropical country! Our post last year about the Starbucks Butterbeer made its rounds in the Muggle world after it was featured in international websites like Entertainment Weekly, Cinemablend, Miami News Times, Collider.com and countless other blogs, YouTube videos and websites. It is as if a wizard charmed our post and made sure  that it went viral! (Read more about Starbucks Butterbeer and its secret recipe here)

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