Halloween through the wide angle smartphone eyes of LUMIA 730

As the need for better quality selfies evolve, so does the need for a better camera on mobiles. The Lumia 730 is quick to comply to this need. Built for Skype and selfies, it is armed with a wide-angle 5MP full HD front-facing camera that can take big group selfies without cropping anyone. It also has a 6.7 MP Zeiss primary camera with LED flash that works amazingly well on lowlight conditions.

The Lumia 730 was put to a test at 71 Gramercy last Halloween as it was handed out to guests who captured photos of the colorful costumes. The results are some of the clearest pics we have seen taken from a mobile phone in a lowlight set-up. 

Model/Actor, Adam Lloyd in his Mortal Kombat costume shares that the device "opens a new window to possibilities with the additional filters on top of an already impressive photo capability." He adds, "I like its super quick processors, ultra smooth graphics, and the light, slick and sexy feel." 

Fabio Ide as Count Dracula, Adam Lloyd in his Mortal Kombat Costume (not sure how that is from Mortal Combat but we are not complaining)

Denise Laurel dressed up as Daenerys Targaryen

The Lumia 730 Dual Sim is now available for P11,990 (SRP) in a range of colors including bright orange, bright green and stylish neutrals such as dark grey and white.

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