The Walking Dead airs explosive fifth season on FOX

The Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead is perhaps the most satisfying premiere for the show in its entire run. Here we see Rick's "They're screwing with the wrong people" line justified by a violent bloodbath where almost everyone in Team Rick rightfully kicks ass as they score a big win against Team Terminus.

Make no mistake, however, this season premiere is all about Carol. Damn right! Carol who was shunned last season for burning some sick folks. Carol who made us forever flinch when someone tells us to just look at the flowers. (Look at the damn flowers kid - bang!) Carol who is now elevated to the same level as Alien's Ripley in sheer bad ass-ness. She may not have donned a bikini but she had a full-on gore gear that totally makes up for it.

Oh and remember Morgan? He's the guy who once saved Rick in Season 1 and went semi-crazy after losing his son in Season 3. Well, it seems like he will also be back, hopefully as an ally to give our favorite post-apocalypse team more of a fighting chance.

In the Philippines, The Walking Dead airs every Monday at 11:35 AM and 8:55 PM, exclusively on FOX.

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