The Electrolux Save & Share Blog Series: Doing your laundry at home

So this is what happens when you put together the top entertainment and lifestyle bloggers in the country with Electrolux brand ambassadors - we talk about laundry! (lol) But seriously, we did talk about how some people (looks at self in the mirror) spend so much on having laundry done. 

At home, we spend a minimum of P500 per week on having our clothes washed in laundry shops. These are clothes, sheets, towels etc for two people. Now imagine how that amount would multiply in a home with kids and more family members. 

Getting your laundry done, you always have to deal with losing clothes, getting clothes (even underwear, I swear) that aren't even yours delivered and of course, that nagging feeling that your clothes aren't really clean but just bathed in fabric softener.

Both Cheska Garcia and Chef Bruce shared their own stories why they switched to having clothes done at home just to make sure that they are really clean and of course, to save money. I kind of agree to the idea that just because you can spend on something, that you should. This made me consider getting my very own Electrolux Washing machine when we move to a new home next month especially now that we have the space for it! And who knows, we may not stop on the washing machine as we need a lot of new stuff!

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