Travelogue: Phuket, Thailand Part II

We are leaving for Bangkok in a few hours and I just remembered that I haven't posted the second part of our Phuket trip yet.

While the first post was all about the beaches, this visual diary will show more of the beautifully maintained God Monkey Temple in the mountains and the route of their famous elephant and bamboo rafting tours. The experience was much like the previous tour - sweltering but rewarding in a way, especially when it is your first time to see the elephants.

Personally, I prefer tours that involve malls or any establishment with air conditioning (lol) or a moderately tiring trek where there is cold weather. But hey, you have to experience Phuket at least once in your life. More than the beaches, the rich culture of the place and the magical elephant tour experience is worth the overtime of your sweat glands.

P.S. For those asking about the gay scene in Phuket, I was told that it is not as prevalent as the one in Bangkok. Still, there is a Malate-ish strip there called Royal Paradise Complex. Outside the hotel are massage parlors and clubs that cater to the gay crowd. The masseurs are available 24/7 and are all over hook-up apps like Grindr and Hornet offering their services to tourists. 

If you are straight and you would also want to party, you definitely won't feel left out. Right next to the gay strip is a line of the same businesses catering to the straight crowd. They are all grouped together and labeled appropriately so there's really no chance that you would be getting in the "wrong" establishment unless you secretly want to get lost. 

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