Tony Almeida returns via 24: Solitary

24: Live Another Day concluded with more questions about the fate of Jack Bauer and the series itself. But as online clamor for the continuation of the resurrected series grow, a new easter egg is dropped along with the release of the 24: Live Another Day Blu-Ray set that is set to be released on September 30th.

Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard), Jack's long time friend - turned enemy on Season 7 returns via 24: Solitary, a 7-minute story extension exclusive to Blu-Ray. On the video below, Tony is seen asking for parole after 10 years in prison - in a timeline set two years after 24: Live Another Day

While there is no official confirmation yet, this could mean that Tony will be the one to save Bauer from the Russians. At least that's the story arc that I am hoping for! Anyway, here's hoping for another season (or two or 10) for 24.

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