The Electrolux Save & Share Blog Series: When do you teach kids to start sharing?

A few days ago, we posted about the Electrolux Delightful-E simple campaign which aims to give out tips and tricks for moms to save time and money, and make household tasks delightfully simple and easy! We called it The Electrolux Save & Share Blog Series and we discussed creative yet effective ways to save on household expenses and sharing blessings to others with brand ambassadors Cheska Garcia Kramer, Chef Rosebud Benitez, Chef Bruce Lim and Mommy Mundo’s Janice Villanueva.

Being a perennial donor of used clothes (and still dwelling on the sharing part as I am much better at it than saving lol), we discussed with Chef Bruce and Janice Villanueva when is the best time to teach kids about sharing. 

Janice said, "It is natural for kids to be in the “ME” phase as toddlers, but even at that age (around 2-4years old) when he thinks everything is his: that the world revolves around him, we can already teach them to share."

"Sharing is very important in my family. It’s kinda hard with my boys because they fight like cats and dogs but they are starting to share food but not toys! In my block I have some cool neighbors and we share everything from bread and pastries to fruit and beef jerky. My kids see this and they understand that sharing is part of us and the value in it is it helps our community grow stronger. Don’t mess with my block when the zombie apocalypse comes we got it covered!," shared Chef Bruce. 

For those thinking about giving away those 'unusable clothes' as a way to clear up their closets, Electrolux Clothes Donation Advocacy is upcycling unusable clothes to make quilts and blankets for babies and small children because really, we do see a lot of donated wedding dresses, gowns and whatnots that just seem silly to wear if you happen to be relocated due to a disaster. 

For more information on the Electrolux Save and Share Blog Series, visit the Electrolux Facebook Page or follow @ElectroluxPH on Twitter and Instagram.

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