Starbucks Reserve makes your artisan coffee even more special with the Clover Brewing System

A few months ago, Starbucks rolled out their upscale Reserve Stores in the Philippines, offering rare and exotic variants to the most discriminating coffee drinkers. 

This week, we were introduced to the first and currently the only Starbucks' patented Clover brewing system in the country at the plush Reserve store at Signa Designer Residences in Makati. 

The Clover brewing system was developed in 2005 by the Seattle-based Coffee Equipment Company. In 2008, Starbucks saw its potential in creating better tasting coffee and acquired  it, so until today they appear exclusively at Starbucks. 

According to howstuffworks.com, "the flavor of your coffee depends on two things -- how the beans are roasted and how the drink is prepared. Roasting packs the flavor potential into a coffee bean, while grinding and brewing prepare the beans in a way that maximizes the flavor. The Clover gives you control over the two brewing factors that affect the flavor, which are the temperature of the water and the dwell time." The result highlights the earthy, sometimes citrusy flavours of the extremely limited and hand-picked line carried by the Reserve stores, getting the the nod of connoisseurs and coffee lovers in the country. 

Starbucks Reserve showcases the world’s finest preparation methods – the Clover Brewing System, the Pour Over Brewing Method and the Coffee Press in preparing hand-curated coffee. 

If you haven't tried the Reserve coffee  line yet, be sure to drop by one of the stores listed below. When you do, ask the Starbucks Coffee Masters for the perfect food items to pair them up with. The Reserve food items are also exclusive to Starbucks Reserve Stores only.

• Starbucks Tomas Morato, Quezon City
• Starbucks Eight Forbestown, Burgos Circle, Taguig City
• Starbucks Keyland Centre, Makati City
• Starbucks Central Square, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City
• Starbucks Signa Designer Residences, Makati City

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