American Horror Story: Freak Show Official Trailer is Up

It takes a really sick mind to come up with something like American Horror Story and a tough stomach to appreciate it. But once you get over the initial horror, I think some of you would agree that this is best show on television right now in this frakking lifetime!!! Of course I am being biased but come on! It has sex, drugs, murder, witches, demons, aliens, and Jessica frakking Lange! 

I mean, forget about walking zombies and medieval power grabs. They all look tamed when compared to the mutilation and gore in American Horror Story. If you have seen the first three seasons, then you'll know what I am taking about. If you haven't, stop being a sissy and watch them right now!

The fourth season of the show will focus on a demented carnival and isn't that just the main ingredient for nightmares? Check out the trailer below. 

American Horror Story: Freak Show is set to air this October on FX.

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