On health, fitness and... just kidding! This is another online shopping post!

Okay, so everyone's going to the gym and are adopting a healthy lifestyle. Of course, I am the Scrooge when it comes to anything fitness related. I mean, nothing turns me off more than the word healthy that whenever I see it, I usually go running to the opposite direction.

That said, I do fancy buying a pair of good 'ol Nike shoes. You know for when I want to appear sporty and when I finally decide to work out. God knows I need to... but let's keep God out of the discussion. And since I am very active (lol) I usually prefer buying my stuff online. 

Seriously though, if you have been following this blog over the last year or so, you would have read a lot of online shopping posts! I do this because not only is it more convenient, I generally save more and can easily compare prices without hopping from one store to the next. And while I usually get my stuff from Amazon, one awesome alternative is Zalora because they deliver faster and you can actually get your items replaced if they don't fit.

But don't just take my word for it, check out this online shop to find Nike shoes and other amazing products! I will probably post more once I get the stuff I ordered too so stay tuned!

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