Dementia official trailer released, opens 9/24

Here's the official trailer of Dementia.

Plot: Mara Fabre (Nora Aunor) is diagnosed with early onset dementia, In the hope of jogging her memory, she is brought by her cousin's family to her hometown in a remote island in Batanes. But instead of just recalling familiar places and faces, she then starts seeing visions no one else sees. It is only her young niece, Rachel (Jasmine Curtis Smith), who begins to wonder if what Mara sees is really just a by-product of her illness or if there really is something haunting her from the past.

While the story is basic enough, the film looks pretty well made and beautifully shot so I am looking forward to watching  this on September 24th. Apart from Nora Aunor, the film also stars Jasmine Curtis-Smith who made quite an impression on her first film, Transit. 

Dementia is the directorial debut of former TV5 exec, Perci Intalan.

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