Travelogue: Phuket, Thailand Part I

Seeing the exodus of people in Boracay this summer, non party-going folks like myself just had to look for an alternative vacation spot. Now, I know that we have some of the best beaches in the world right here in the Philippines. We have been to Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Pagudpod, Caramoan and if you like the virginal white beach - Nogas Island in Antique. I dare say that these beaches are even better than the ones that we saw in Phuket, with the exception of Maya Bay that was pretty majestic due mainly to the towering limestone hills that surround its narrow beaches.

I seriously had to keep myself from inviting every other foreigner that gushed at the other beaches that we toured and exclaimed that it is the best beach they've ever seen and tell them, "That beach looks like our Puerto Galera. And in our country, we don't even consider that a 'beautiful' beach." 

That said, our Phi Phi Island Tour had other things to offer apart from the usual diving and snorkeling spots. There's the mysterious Viking Cave that is reputed to have been used by pirates as a hiding place for their looted treasures. It also has a beautiful 'secret' lagoon whose cinematic potential was utilized in the 2000 film, The Beach. Then there's Monkey Beach that looks like a setting for a yet-to-be developed sequel of Planet of the Apes. I say this because the entire beach is home to wild monkeys that obligingly welcome speedboats that come close to the island to wait for food.

But of course, since we are not big on swimming nor diving and snorkeling, the one activity that we indulged in was sight-seeing. And man, there were some were really nice looking errr... sights that adorned the islands that we went to.

Exhibit A. The limestone rocks that surrounded the island and its well defined cuts.

Exhibit B. The uniquely designed boats that further enhanced the beauty of the island.

Exhibit C. The pristine white beach that seems to languish under the intense summer heat. #Lol

Kidding aside though, there is so much more to Phuket than just the beaches. For gay people especially, your Grindr, Jackd and Hornet apps would simply explode once you get there because of the sheer number of members in the area (the population of which is more on twinks). A reminder to travelers, however, do not book your tours from hotels. Their rates are at least double the price of those that you can get from smaller travel booking agents in stalls all around Phuket but the service is exactly the same. One I can recommend is Mintita Travel at 29 Sawatdirak Rd., Patong, Kathu, Phuket. You may call them via 086-6827357, 087-8301390 or email them at mintitatravel@hotmail.com. 

I will be posting about the other places that we checked out on my next post. 

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