The Adidas Body Care Advantage

Constantly inventing, reinventing and finding the latest breakthrough in sports technology, adidas recently launched Sports Energy - a new line of specialized body care products for men that guarantees a winning performance for athletes, sports enthusiasts and even regular juans like most of us! 

This latest revolution in specialized body care for men was put to the test as several sports fanatics were tasked to try the products at the recent Run United 1 held last March 16 at the SM MoA grounds. Despite sweat and heat, participants who have experienced the power of the new adidas Sport Energy have also sworn to its unwavering performance. Truly, letting them feel cool, dry and energized!

These days taking a quick stroll in the sun can feel like going on a marathon and I just hate getting all sweaty and smelling like I haven't showered (!!!) even before I get to an appointment. This is why I could not be more glad to find products like these in the market today! Developed with athletes to address even the most strenuous of situations, these products are also perfect at keeping my mind off worrying even if I stay out and enjoy the summer heat a bit.

adidas Deo Body Spray

Introducing the ultimate in absorbent anti-perspirant technology, adidas Sport Energy Deo Body Spray is your best defense against sweat. Powered by its unique Cool & Dry formula, adidas Deo Body Spray gives you maximum absorption and protection that keeps you feeling dry up to 72 hours. Its crisp citrus scent keeps you cool and fresh even under extreme sports activities. 

Also available in Ice Dive, Pure Game, Team Force, Ice Effect and Pro-Invisible. Whatever you choose adidas Deo Body Spray gives you that winning edge. 

adidas Roll On 

adidas Deo Roll On is your best defense against underarm wetness and odor. It has the patented Cool & Dry Technology for maximum absorption and protection that keeps you feeling dry up to 72 hours. With Skin Protect Complex that prevents skin irritation -- zero percent alcohol, pH respect, and dermo-tested formula. 

adidas Shower Gels 

With its unique 3-in-1 effect, adidas Shower Gel for men is the only complete shower gel for Body-Hair-Face. It hydrates your body, conditions your hair and respects the sensitivity of your face. 

adidas Ice Effect Shower gel has a pure clean fougere fragrance with Polar Menthol that gives your body a deep, cooling sensation after an intensive workout. 

adidas After Sport Shower gel is enriched with extra-protein formula that helps rebalance your skin’s natural hydration. For active men who live on the extreme. 

Also available in Ice Dive, Pure Game, Team Force and Sport Energy. 

The Adidas Body Care products are now available in Watsons, SM Supermarkets, 7 Eleven and other leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide. Go ahead, put the product to the test and experience body care developed by athletes. Adidas Body Care. We’re all in!

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