Our Globe Charge experience at Smokin' Pig Legendary Rib Joint

We are at an age when charging by debit or credit card is becoming the preferred payment method among consumers. A study by the market research firm Javelin Strategy & Research reveals that by 2017, only 27% of all point-of-sale purchases are expected to be made with cash. This means that the other 73% will use some form of plastic and establishments that do not offer them will be quickly losing sales to competitors.

This is where Globe Charge comes in. By offering an easy-to-access merchant service, they provide Small and Medium Business Entrepreneurs (SME) with the ability to connect a terminal to any Android powered phone (iPhone application is currently being developed), swipe transactions and transfer the payment to any bank account that you nominate! Unlike credit card terminals that you get from a bank, no upfront payment nor minimum amount of transactions per day is required.

The Globe Charge Postpaid Kit that includes a Samsung Galaxy Win and the Globe Charge POS system can be availed for only P999/month. You may also get the prepaid version for a one-time fee of P999. For both versions, you will need the Charge App that is currently available in Google Play and soon on the App Store. 

We wanted to try out the Globe Charge experience for ourselves so we went to Smokin' Pig Legendary Rib Joint over the weekend to see it in action. I have been wanting to check out this restaurant after Kris Aquino declared that it is "masarap" there on Kris TV (lol). So, hitting 2 birds with one stone, we drove all the way to Capitol Hills in QC and got ourselves some ribs!

The al fresco restaurant offers a really nice view of the mountains on one side and what I can only guess to be the Ortigas Skyline on another. The menu is very affordable compared to other rib places in the Metro and the food lives up to the "masarap" comment made on TV. To this day, I can recall the smoky flavour of their rib and I keep craving for it lol.

As for the the payment system, it was one of the few times that they tried Globe Charge according to the cashier. The only hiccup was that they had some issue with their internet service provider (they were connected via wifi) that I even offered for them to connect via my Globe 3G that had a pretty strong connection in the area. That resolved, the transaction was just as you would expect from any other credit card terminal and it was amazing seeing all that being processed on an Android phone right next to your table! 

Globe Charge currently only accepts MasterCard credit and debit cards but VISA and ATM payments are already in the pipeline according to GLOBE. 

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