GLOBE rolls out Voice and Surf Combo - GOUNLI20

With smart phones these days, it is a hassle to go through every number just to add a prefix to make an unli-call (i.e. adding *xxxx before number). I actually did not know that this process still exists until I briefly tried out another network.  It was pretty jurassic hard because we are not using the OLD Nokia phones anymore that show us the number and allow us to edit it before calling! Also, it's not like you can tell SIRI or its Android and Microsoft Phone equivalent, "SIRI, call John, but add *XXXX to his number first!" 

Anyway, I am glad that GLOBE is attuned to today's technology and has adjusted accordingly because for as long as I can remember, once subscribed to their unli-service, I just dial direct with my GLOBE Prepaid number.

In keeping up with today's pattern of smart phone usage, GLOBE has rolled out GOUNLI20 that caters to the digital lifestyle of today's users. For P20/day, prepaid users can now have:

  • Unli-calls to GLOBE and TM
  • 20 Text Messages to all networks (which again makes sense because for the iPhone for example, I cannot readily tell if I am texting a GLOBE user or someone using another network) 
  • 15 MB of data that can be used for surfing - I am guessing that this also explains the reduced SMS allocation as most people use data to communicate via FB Chat, WhatsApp, Viber, Line etc.
To register, just send GOUNLI20 to 8888 or dial *143# and select GOUNLI20 from the GoSakto Menu. This promo is yet to be added to the GoSakto App as of posting time.

Globe Telecom 301712186320813020

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