Apple's WWDC Banner gives away iOS8 announcement

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 is expected to be HUGE and this photo taken by The Verge showing the possible launch of iOS8 is just a small bit of what could be Apple's most significant line-up since Tim Cook took over the reins.

iOS8 is expected to introduce new key features that include an app called Healthbook that may collect data about blood pressure, heart rate etc. This may come hand-in-hand with new sensors integrated in the new iPhones which means that I simply have to get one (lol). The Image Viewer tool from the Mac is said to have an iOS version along with Text Edit and an independent iTunes Radio app. Mac's operating system OSX is also said to have a major overhaul to keep it aligned with iOS7.

Now, the most important update that we are waiting for may also be announced. Two new iPhones are said to be on the way for late summer or early fall in the US - this means around 2-3 months later in the Philippines. Multiple news outlets have reported that Apple is working on iPhone models with around a 4.7-inch display and around a 5.5-inch display - both far bigger than the 4-inch iPhone 5S.

The WWDC14 opens to developers and members of the press for the much awaited keynote this Monday morning (US).

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