Who is #ProjectWonderful's Gabriel Macht?

I have to admit that when Gabriel Macht came to the Philippines a few weeks back, my initial reaction was: Who is he? Ridiculous, right? But I think a lot of Filipinos shared this reaction. Well, forgive me (us) for living under a rock but I made up for it by devouring almost three seasons of SUITS in a span of two weeks and am now completely enamoured with Harvey Specter (Gabriel's character). I feel like a lot of Pinoys still have not discovered the sheer awesomeness of his popular show so you guys have to watch this SUITS Recap.

Now before you start looking for your very own copies of SUITS, check out these videos of Gabriel Macht promoting GLOBE's #ProjectWonderful and helping our kababayans that were ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan get back on their feet.

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