Review: Diary ng Panget

With Diary ng Panget, I think it is a bit of a stretch to expect quality but you can liken the movie experience to eating junk food. You know it isn't anything good but you thoroughly enjoy it anyway... fine and maybe feel a little guilty afterwards.

The story isn't anything new. It is the standard ugly duckling story with a female lead that looks a bit like Katryn Bernardo but is generally a better actress. The male lead is the typical hard on the outside (in more ways than one!), softie on the inside incarnation in the form of former Pinoy Big Brother winner James Reid whose looks and screen presence trump the likes of  Daniel Padilla and even Enrique Gil. 

While I haven't read the source material, there are some things that are obviously lost in translation from book to movie and these things can get glaring. Despite these though, the jokes remain mostly intact and they are funny because most of the things said here are the kind of things that you would mindlessly say in real life. Either that or maybe I am just rude but when James Reid asked, "E bakit ka panget? E bakit ka pulubi?" I thought, "That is exactly what a person should say in that situation!" And while we can all get stuck-up and pretend that a material like this should have more depth, I think that a young girl's diary can sometimes contain nothing more than boys, imagined conflicts, the best friends they make in school and even more boys... and there is nothing wrong with that too. 

In the end, even if it is nothing more than disposable entertainment, Diary ng Panget works because it speaks the same language that is relatable to most of us. The conclusion may have been a little forced but the journey towards it was thoroughly entertaining and it was at least able to present a new breed of actors that stand out from the proverbial bunch.  That is something to watch out for in an industry that is dominated by the same faces whether on television or in the movies.

Rating: 2.5/5

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