Caramoan paradise in full HD captured by the LUMIA

For about two years, I worked as a travel photographer and went to far flung areas in the country carrying around a huge camera bag that has at least two lenses, battery packs and a tripod. This is a habit that I sort of permanently acquired and so I always have my photography gear with me wherever we go. With massive improvements in camera phones though, I started taking pictures on the DSLR for those high resolution photos that I'd end up saving on my hard drive and then take the same shots using my phone for fast uploads and sharing to my social media accounts. This has become such a chore, however, that lately I just end up with tons of unedited RAW photos and those pwede na-resolution cam-phone pics. 

So when I saw these stunning and colorful HD images captured by the Lumia 1520, I was impressed! I knew beforehand that these phones captured amazing photographs but it wasn't until I got the actual files and zoomed in on them that I realized how awesome they really are.

Armed with flagship Lumia devices, a group which included TV personalities, Phoemela Barranda, CJ Jaravata, Bubbles Paraiso, Yassie Pressman, and Daniel Matsunaga; Miss Tourism International, Angeli Dione Gomez; designer, Charina Sarte; models, Tommy Esguerra, Javi Martinez-Pardo and Nicolas Padilha; renowned fashion photographers, Anton Aguila and Mau Mauricio; pet stylist, Tess Villareal; and singer-actor, Ryan Gallagher; explored Caramoan Island located in the lower eastern part of Camarines Sur. With the 20MP and 41MP of Lumia’s adjustable Pro Camera in the Lumia 1520 and 1020 respectively, heavy and bulky DSLRs were put aside but enabled the Camarines Sur guests to still take stunning, high-resolution photos of their vacation.

The best part, these great photos can be created without having to download the files to a computer. So bye-bye photoshop and those countless hours of editing. That time can now be spent playing Flappy Bird instead on the Lumia after you have shared your photos to your friends/followers.

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